A few beginning questions

richardc richardc at hmgcc.gov.uk
Mon Jul 14 13:56:57 CEST 2003

Ive just started playing with Python and have a couple of questions.

Im looking for an agument parsing library (from the command line), Ive come
across optik and argtools.  What other ones are there are any of them any
good, is there a 'standard' lib for doing this.

Also how should I '#define' magic numbers in Python.  I spent ages looking
around for a 'define' statement or anything that will allow me to create a
constant value 'object'.  Am I missing something very obvious ?

Also, what 'IDE/editor' do people recomend for MAC OSX, so far Ive found
'Hydra' to be the best as it works on plain files and has Python syntax
highlighting... what else is there and are any of them any good.

Has nobody written an editor/IDE in Python with wxWindows so that it runs on
all platforms ?

Many thanks


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