SNMP support for Python under Windows

WIWA wim_wauters at
Thu Jul 10 12:52:05 CEST 2003

Hi Peter,

Thanks for this useful information. I tried this on my Windows2000
system and it seems to work. I used distutils and modified the PATH
entry. I'll check on my Windows XP machine and will let you know if I
found any discrepancy.

Thanks again for all your effort. I have another question, but will
put that in a separate message on this discussion forum. Any help is

- Wim

Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote in message news:<3F0CB4ED.C195374F at>...
> WIWA wrote:
> > 
> > I did two things, both unsuccessfull:
> > 
> > 1) If I install the pySNMP modules under lib/site-packages and then
> > type sth like:
> > from pysnmp import session it gives the error message "ImportError: No
> > module named pysnmp". The same happens if I unstall pySNMP directly
> > under the lib directory. Installs in this context means 'copy paste'
> > the *.py files of the pySNMP distribution.
> I misled you the first time, but have since taken another look 
> at the installation to see how it works.  In order to import
> anything from a package (roughly, a set of .py files that includes an 
> file), you need to put those files in a directory
> which is named for the package (e.g. pysnmp in this case) _and_ 
> which is available in sys.path.  (Do "import sys" and "sys.path"
> to see the list.  You probably have lib/site-packages in that
> list, so just put all the PySNMP files under it in a folder called
> pysnmp.)
> > - Do I need to explicitly mention in my script where pySNMP is
> > installed?
> Not if it's in a folder called pysnmp that is itself in one of the
> sys.path folders, or under the current folder.
> > 2) I installed distutils 1.0.2 for Windows and it installed into the
> > Python directory. So ar so good, I think...
> Distutils is included in Python so you probably didn't need to do 
> that, and maybe shouldn't have.  I'm not sure whether that will have 
> broken the standard distutils.  It's repairable if it did.  On my
> Python 2.2.1 setup here, the standard distutils is v1.0.3.
> > I go to DOS prompt and go to the directory where disutils is installed
> > and type in python install, but DOS replies:
> > 'Python is not recognized as an internal or external command, program
> > or batchfile".
> Now that's a different problem.  You need python.exe to be findable
> from the DOS PATH.  The simplest approach might be to check the FAQ
> entry at
> As a test of the pysnmp installation, without having to change PATH
> at all, change to the Python directory ("cd \python" or whatever)
> and run the interactive interpreter ("python") and just type 
> "import pysnmp" to see if it works.
> > System coordinates are Windows XP. Python version is 2.2.2 and pySNMP
> > is version 3.0.0.
> Should all be no problem, although I suspect instructions in that
> FAQ entry may be a little light on XP advice.  Let us know if you
> see any area that could be improved so others can benefit from this
> exchange...
> -Peter

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