Calculating Year, Month and Day of Life

Cousin Stanley CousinStanley at
Sun Jul 6 23:17:52 CEST 2003

| I'm learning as much about Python as I can.

  Keep on as Python is definitely a good programming language
  choice and there are a lot of good learning resources available,
  this NewsGroup being among the best ...

| I like it because it has both a theorhetical/academic side
| and a practical/get-stuff-done side.

  I believe most programming languages exhibit this sort
  of two-faced duality, which can be a function of one's mindset
  when seeking a solution for a particular problem,
  but Python makes the transitiion from the sublime
  to the pragmatic much quicker and less painless ...

| It also helps me to better understand C, C++ and Java.
| It's great.

  This is true ...

  However, after tasting the savory flavors
  of the Python stew, you may find the flavors
  of other languages a bit more bitter
  and harder to swallow ...

| I was class of 1998 at Virginia Tech.

  I left Va Tech in Jan. 1978,
  which now seems like a baZillion years ago ...

  I do miss the friendly Virgina people
  and the beautiful country-side around Blacksburg,
  but I  DON'T  miss the snow and the cold ...

| When it comes to tech schools...
| there's no place like Virginia Tech.
| Go Hokies !!!

  Go Hokies !!!!

Cousin Stanley
Human Being
Phoenix, Arizona

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