Collective memory (was: Good code patterns in Python)

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Sun Jul 6 05:02:14 CEST 2003

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> In article <vg88va53uha8e at>, Cameron Laird wrote:
> One really funny problem was when I guy reformatted his Python code,
> around 15K lines of it, and basically unindented *ALL* of the code to
> column 1.  It was the only recoverable copy of the code too.
> He had to read the entire program line by line to recreate the logic.
What happens if you replace brackets { with '' in C/C++.  What you are
talking about is being bitten by a lack of version control not a problem
with the language, imho. What if this same programmer removed all asterisks
from some c source?  As mentioned in an earlier post, tabnanny.  I knew a
guy, who in his first couple of weeks as a programmer, was cleaning up some
testing folders and managed to rm * the development source.  After soiling
myself and taking a deep breath, I restored the files from backup. <g>  Two
lessons to be learned: 1) It wasn't rm's fault nor the fault of my source
code, it was my own brain-dead action. 2) That which does not kill us, makes
us stronger.


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