removing spaces from front and end of filenames

hokiegal99 hokiegal99 at
Sun Jul 13 17:44:05 CEST 2003

Erik Max Francis <max at> wrote in message news:<3F10BABB.D548961B at>...
> hokiegal99 wrote:
> > This script works as I expect, except for the last section. I want the
> > last section to actually remove all spaces from the front and/or end
> > of
> > filenames. For example, a file that was named "  test  " would be
> > renamed "test" (the 2 spaces before and after the filename removed).
> > Any
> > suggestions on how to do this?
> That's what the .strip method, which is what you're using, does.  If
> it's not working for you you're doing something else wrong.

for root, dirs, files in os.walk('/home/rbt/scripts'):
     for file in files:
         fname = (file)
         fname = fname.strip( )
print fname

When I print fname, it prints the filenames w/o spaces (a file named "
test " looks like "test"), but when I ls the actual files in the
directory they still contain spaces at both ends. That's what I don't
understand. It seems that .strip is ready to remove the spaces, but
that it needs one more step to actually do so. Any ideas?

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