Choosing the right framework

Moshe Zadka m at
Wed Jul 16 16:33:22 CEST 2003

On Wed, 16 Jul 2003, "Carsten Gehling" <carsten at> wrote:

> It'll probably be run behind an Apache httpd server, so I guess Twisted is
> out of the question.

Why, did Apache's reverse proxy module stop working suddenly?
In general, I prefer configuring things via reverse proxies. The alternatives
(like fast cgi or persistent CGI) looked like they were just as complicated
as writing a web server in the first place, without the advantage of
easy testability.
[For that matter, this is also how I always configured Zope, too.]

Note, however, that Twisted is *not* a web framework. It has a web
server, but writing in that raw is much like writing raw mod_python
code -- it's often useful, but most of the time, it is the wrong
level of abstraction. Twisted's "official" templating system is
Woven. However, Twisted also works with Quixote and it is quite possible
to adapt other frameworks to it. And lest I forget, webtk[0]
also runs on top of Twisted.

It, is, however, still strange to me why you rejected Plone so carelessly
as it *is*, actually, a CMS. Maybe you had good reasons too -- but until
you explain those reasons, it will be hard to guess whether they apply
to other web frameworks.
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