feature request: a better str.endswith

Michele Simionato mis6 at pitt.edu
Fri Jul 18 14:01:47 CEST 2003

I often feel the need to extend  the string method ".endswith" to tuple
arguments, in such a way to automatically check for multiple endings.
For instance, here is a typical use case:

if filename.endswith(('.jpg','.jpeg','.gif','.png')):
    print "This is a valid image file"

Currently this is not valid Python and I must use the ugly

if filename.endswith('.jpg') or filename.endswith('.jpeg') \
   or filename.endswith('.gif') or filename.endswith('.png'):
    print "This is a valid image file"

Of course a direct implementation is quite easy:

import sys

class Str(str):
    def endswith(self,suffix,start=0,end=sys.maxint):#not sure about sys.maxint
        if isinstance(suffix,tuple):
            return sum([endswith(s,start,end) for s in suffix]) # multi-or
        return endswith(suffix,start,end)

if Str(filename).endswith(('.jpg','.jpeg','.gif','.png')):
    print "This is a valid image file"

nevertheless I think this kind of checking is quite common and it would be
worth to have it in standard Python.

Any reaction, comment ?


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