My Big Dict.

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Wed Jul 2 18:05:29 CEST 2003

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> d={}
> for l in file("test.txt"):
>     try: i=l.index('!')
>     except ValueError: continue
>     d[l[:i]]=l[i+1:]

This example is *almost* ideal; how about, instead of
using .index and slices, let the computer do s'more
of your work:

D = {}
for line in file("test.txt"):
        k,v = line.split("!",1)
        D[k] = v.strip()
    except ValueError:

and presto.  split() takes an optional second argument
which specifies the maximum number of splits it's
allowed to perform.

Also, although I've kept your basic code form, it's
bad style to not explicitly close any opened files,
unless you absolutely know they're going to close
once the operation finishes.


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