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Cliff Wells clifford.wells at
Sun Jul 13 07:48:00 CEST 2003

On Sat, 2003-07-12 at 20:27, David McNab wrote:
> One more thing Elaine - I may offend others on this list in saying this,
> but if you're doing GUI applications, I strongly suggest that you dive in
> and familiarise yourself with Tkinter. It could well be the only GUI you
> ever need in Python.
> Don't be intimidated if the Tkinter docs you come across urge you to
> approach it from a Tk viewpoint- there's an excellent guide at:
> I argue for Tkinter over another popular Python-accessible GUI, wxWindows,
> because Tkinter is smaller, faster and far less buggy, and has a really
> nice 'feel' within the Python environment.

Everyone is welcome to prefer whatever toolkit they like.  However,
please don't use false reasons to justify your preference.  Smaller? 
Probably.  Faster?  I suspect the reverse is true, but I'd love to see
your benchmarking methodology.  Less buggy?  Very arguable, but I'd be
willing to concede that point if you concede that the reason for that
state is because wxWindows more actively developed than Tk <wink>.

Some *valid* reasons for choosing Tkinter over wxPython would be:

1. de facto standard for Python (and several other languages)
2. More widely ported
3. Somewhat simpler to learn

Reasons to choose wxPython over Tkinter:
1. More diverse widget set (hence the size difference)
2. More flexible framework (hence the higher learning curve)


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