ANN: zip-ls -- Zip file listing program

Raymond Arthur St. Marie II of III rastm2 at aol.commorespam
Sun Jul 20 20:49:19 CEST 2003

Dave writes:

>I've implemented a Zip file listing program that gives me some of
>the listing and formatting options that I've wanted from "unzip
>-l" and "unzip -Z".  It's written in Python using the zipfile
>module from the Python standard library.

Dave, you might like to mention the fact that Python2.3 can now import from zip

zipimport - import modules from zipfiles, implemented in C by Just van Rossum
based upon earlier code by James Ahlstrom. (New in 2.3a2: several serious bugs
discovered in 2.3a1 fixed.) 

--Ray St.M
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>You can find it here:

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