ANN: Python language slideshow presentation

Stephen Ferg steve at
Fri Jul 4 17:28:07 CEST 2003

An HTML slideshow on the Python language is now available on the
Python Slideshow Presentations page:

These slides are good for talks on features of the Python language for
programmers (as opposed to a management-oriented presentation).

In 2000 and 2001, David Beazley gave three presentations on Python,
based on his book "Python Essential Reference". Later, he generously
released the slides from these presentations under the GNU Public
License (GPL).
I have combined these slides into a single presentation on the Python
language. Note that the slides are not in PowerPoint, but in HTML. All
you need to give the presention (other than the files themselves) is a
Web browser.

I've made very few changes to David's original material. I have
removed references to David in his role as presenter, since you (not
David) will be giving the presentation. I've updated a few things,
such as changing references from Jpython to Jython and bringing the
list of Python versions up to 2.3. The main difference is that the
slides look different. I've made the navigation links easier to use,
and added color through the use of a CSS stylesheet.

Information about the slideshow, and a link to download a zip file,
are on the Python Slideshow Presentations page:

You can look at the presentation online at

-- Steve Ferg

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