Problem with MySQLdb on Mac OS X...

Michael S. Jessop candiazoo at
Wed Jul 16 07:09:28 CEST 2003

YES!  It works.  I could kiss you, Peter!


Mike J.

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> > I tried supplying host as well, same error.    :/   Something is hosed. 
> > I guess I could try reinstalling.  I really want to get this to work. 
> > I am trying to write a maintenance program for my wife, so she can
> > remotely modify the database containing information about her artwork,
> > distribution lists, etc.
> > 
> I see exactly the same problem. My install is with MySQL and Python
> both via Fink. Trying both 2.2 and 2.3 Python I get the same problem.
> Trying to dig into it a little it looks as though the setup code isn't
> populating some of the fields and methods and the error thrown shows
> up because self.converter is set to None.
> I'm going to try and figure this out but would be interested in any
> insight others might have.
> Peter.

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