Application Development in Python

Pedro Werneck pedro.werneck at
Thu Jul 10 01:37:46 CEST 2003

I suggest you to look at Kiwi, in it's
a framework for quick application development, based on PyGTK and
Glade... the stable version currently only supports GTK 1.2, but I
think it's worth a look...

indru <____indru_june at yahoo.com____> wrote in message news:<3089454.1057738936 at>...
> Hi all,
> I am new to Python programming. I am from C,C++,Perl background. I am
> quite convinced by the possibilities python as a very high level
> language is offering. I am seriously thinking of using python in my
> project which is to create a accounting software. First thing came to my
> mind was C++ but the time required could be enormous and my people are
> not ready to wait that long. The project is a medium sized one but
> bigger than something like gnucash and KMyMoney2. Do any body have
> experience with application development using python and their
> experiences ?.   Also please advice me whether Python can be used for
> such purposes.
> Thanks in advance
> Indru

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