(Eclipse/TruStudio) Re: I am so impressed

wzhang w0zhang at ouray.cudenver.edu
Wed Jul 30 23:59:59 CEST 2003

thedustbustr at aol.com (TheDustbustr) wrote in message news:<20030726215139.14696.00000526 at mb-m04.aol.com>...
> My only complaint is that it won't let you use control keys in the
> interpereter.  It's a problem when you put a while 1: in your mainloop and
> can't KeyboardInterrupt out of it.
> Great for an editor, as long as you run your apps externally.

I downloaded both eclipse and trustudio plugin. Everything was fine
except I could not pass a commandline argument to the module. Could
anybody tell me how to configure eclipse 'run' so that I can pass a



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