To ESR PLease fix links

Raymond Arthur St. Marie II of III rastm2 at aol.commorespam
Tue Jul 22 03:03:13 CEST 2003

Hi Eric,

I've been quietly going around the web asking people to please fix the broken
Tuxedo links to your pages as I find them. 

Hint.-- Hint--
Your aware that many of the links in the books are still pointing to Tuxedo I'm
I also know how very busy you are.

I really wanted to make an excuse for THANKing YOU for steering me to Python
and programming in general with your "Hackers" page in 1997. I've been
following that formula for 6-7 years now and hope that some day my
H(obby)(abit) will pay off. 

So, I quietly remain in the shadows, reading everything you and other HEROs
Coding my future.

Thank you sincerely
Ray St. Marie
Rastm2 at 

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