Accessing and updating global variables among several modules

Bryan belred1 at
Sat Jul 12 21:09:44 CEST 2003

"Fuming Wang" <fumingw at> wrote in message
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> Hi,
> I have several modules that need to access global variables among
> them.  I can do that by import modules:
> module A:
> gA = 'old'
> module B:
> import A
> print A.gA
> >>> 'old'
> change gA in module A after some initialization:
> def init_fuct():
>     gA = 'new'
> no change in module B:
> print A.gA
> >>> 'old'
> However, when I modify these global variables in one module, the other
> modules would not see the changes.  Any one has any suggestions? ( I
> don't want to use from A import *)
> Thanks,
> Fuming

i've used this technique before where different modules access a global
variable in another module it works.  i'm not understanding why you are
having problems.  i just did this test with strings... is this similar to
what you are doing?  it shouldn't matter how myvar gets set.

myvar = 'abc'
def set_myvar(x):
    global myvar
    myvar = x

import test1
print test1.myvar
print test1.myvar

--- from the interpreter
>>> import test2


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