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On Thu, 31 Jul 2003 08:06:29 -0500, 
	Skip Montanaro <skip at pobox.com> quoted:
>     Ben> doing... I'm just a newbie who's found date and time handling in
>     Ben> Python to be confusing, and thought I'd mention it. (And I am the
>     Ben> original poster, btw.)  If nobody else agrees, maybe it's not
>     Ben> really a problem.

It's also not very hard to write a PEP; start with an existing PEP for the
headings, and skim PEP 1 for the PEP life cycle.  

Parsing of date/time formats is the big omission from 2.3's date support and
the big advantage that mxDateTime still has.  With 2.3 you still have to
roll your own parser for ISO-8601 format or whatever.  Fixing the rfc822
module is probably the largest problem; we can't just change getdate() to
return a datetime instead of a 9-tuple, so it'll have to be supported as a
new method.  The standard library should probably use datetime as much as
possible, but backwards-compatible 9-tuple-based interfaces will still need
to be supported.

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