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Wed Jul 16 12:40:52 CEST 2003

'Question 8'
Im no expert but wouldnt you accept that Python has 'borrowed' FORTRAN's
fixed format syntax.  I can only think of Python and FORTRAN off the top of
my head which use whitespace as part of the syntax.

As an aside, is there any reason that people like O'Reilly books use a
picture of a snake on the front cover?  Its not named after the snake.
Should we have the 'Python programming red book' (blue cover), and the
'Python pocket reference' (a 3000 page tome of a reference book).

Just my thoughts


"Anand Pillai" <pythonguy at> wrote in message
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> Hi Pythonistas,
> I have placed a quiz on Python on the trivia site
> Here is the link.
> Looks like it is the first quiz on Python on this site.
> Please try it out if you like quizzing.
> Let me know if there are any factual errors.
> Thanks
> ~Anand

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