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Michael Chermside mcherm at
Tue Jul 8 13:54:46 CEST 2003

Alan Kennedy writes:
> Must ..... resist ..... temptation ..... to ..... write .... oneliners
> D'oh! I'm so weak willed....
> >>> lines = [['fred','333','0,10'],['sam','444','1'],['fred','333','0,50']]
> >>> d = dict([(x[0], x[2]) for x in lines])

Speaking as the guy who just complained about the one-liners: "That's no
one-liner, that's just concise!"

Of course, it's the answer to a simpler question than what the OP posted. ;-)

> No more posting for me for a while. 

Please continue... anyone willing to apologize when they're wrong is worth 
hearing from.

Does-this-mean-I-have-to-apologize-for-picking-on-one-liners lly yours,

-- Michael Chermside

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