Webware application question

deelan ggg at zzz.it
Wed Jul 30 21:07:25 CEST 2003

Aaron Buhr wrote:

>     Hello all.  I am looking to rebuild our corporate website from Cold
> Fusion to Python/WebWare/Cheetah.  I am new to all three, so I apologize in
> advance if my questions are ignorant.  I do not understand how one would
> cache database connections using WebWare.  At this point I do not want to
> use Middlekit, but I would like to compartmentalize all my database
> connection code and cache it for performance.

there's a module in webware called dbpool
that caches DB connection.

you may want to check this thread on the
webware mailing list archive:

i strongly suggest you subscribe both to webware anc
cheetah lists. being a newbie too i've found very
supportive people on both ML :)

email: goldicus1970 AT yahoo.it
web: http://www.deelan.com

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