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Thu Jul 10 04:14:51 CEST 2003

On 09 Jul 2003, Ian Bicking <ianb at> wrote:

> I think installation is a major hindrance to Python's
> adoption as a web programming language -- a combination off difficult
> installation, and a lack of robustness and generality in installation
> methods.

Since PHP is widely adopted as a web programming language, I assume
you think PHP's installation methods are robusts and general?
Let me assure you, having done PHP configuration in Apache, it
is far from it -- in fact, it is buggy and annoying beyond all
measure. [I was *shocked* to discover, for example, I can't associate
all .html files in a directory with PHP. I am sure it is a great
visibility booster for PHP to have pages end with .php, but I didn't
care much for it.] 

I actually think that in a world where people think PHP installation
methods are sane, Python's barrier to entry (in that regard) is fairly
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