Sample Web application (Re: Python vs PHP)

Daniel Dittmar daniel.dittmar at
Wed Jul 9 17:26:01 CEST 2003

A.M. Kuchling wrote:
> At PyCon, it was generally agreed at the Web programming BoF that the
> authors of the various Python frameworks should all implement the same
> example application so that potential users can compare the resulting
> code. Nothing much has been done on this front since then; we should
> get things moving again by figuring out what the example application
> should be. The Java Pet Store was suggested, but it was pointed out
> that it's a very large application, requiring too much effort for an
> author to do in their spare time.

Ian Bicking did something like this with with a Wiki as the example
application. If there is interest, I would volunteer to copy this into the
Wiki so that it can be more easily extended. I already got Ian's
permissionto do so, but was so far too lazy for it.

> Let's think about the requirements for an example application:
>       * Should be implementable in a few evenings
>       * Should exercise a reasonable set of features.
>       * HTML generation (duh!)
> * Accepting a form
> * Returning non-HTML files (generating a GIF, say)
>       * Sessions

* access control

I suggest using as the entry
point for the specification of the application.


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