anything like C++ references?

Stephen Horne intentionally at
Mon Jul 14 04:35:18 CEST 2003

On Sun, 13 Jul 2003 21:36:14 -0400, Roy Smith <roy at> wrote:

>Jack Diederich <jack at> wrote:
>> I was a long time C++ guy and my a-ha moment was when I realized that the
>> GoF's "Design Patterns" were not all universal -- some are C++ specific.
>> Trying to force Python semantics into a C++ world view will leave you feeling
>> empty every time.
>Thank you for writing this, it makes me feel better!
>I was having exactly this discussion just a couple of days ago with our 
>local hard-core C++ guy (who also poo-poo's Python, even though he's 
>never actually tried it).  I made exactly the point Jack made -- that 
>the Design Pattern book is rather C++-centric, and some of it just 
>doesn't tranlate into Python very well.

I thought that book uses Java (and UML)?

I agree with the point, though. A pattern is supposed to be a standard
way to implement an abstraction, but the best way to implement some
abstraction varies from language to language.

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