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> Hi there,
> Is it possible to use an assignment in a while-loop? I'd like to do
> something like "loop while there is still something to be read, and if
> there is, put it in this variable". I've been a C programmer since I
> was 14, so a construct like:
> while info = mydbcursor.fetchone():
> print "Information: "+str(info)
> comes to mind. Unfortunately, this doesn't work. Is there a similar
> construct in python?

For most purposes, there is. Just use a for loop!
As long as the source behaves like an iterator, the for
loop will automatically assign each result.

Something like this:

   for info in mydbcursor.resultset:
        print "Information: " + str(info)

In this, mydbcursor.resultset has to look like
a sequence of some kind (list or tuple),
or be an iterator. Since what you presumably
have is a result set from a data base query,
that's a rather natural fit. You might have to wrap
the result set to make it an iterator, but I'd think
any good db package would catch up eventually.

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