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> "Michael Muller" <mmuller at> writes:
> > Is there currently any plan to introduce static typing in any future
> > version of Python?  (I'm not entirely sure that "static typing" is the
> > term: what I'm talking about is the declaration of types for variables,
> > parameters and function return values).
> >
> > I know there was a "types SIG" which introduced several proposals, but
> > expired quite a while ago, and I was wondering whether whether some
> > consensus has been reached on the subject or if it has just been shelved
> > indefinitely.
> I think the traits package hasn't been mentioned so far:

Interesting. I've bookmarked it for careful consideration.

Personally, I'm against static typing in it's generally accepted
form, but there are a couple of capabilities I like about it, the biggest
of which is the ability to get type information via reflection. I suspect
I might also like the ability to have a type inference engine verify
some aspects of my program, but since I've never used one, I
don't know how it would work in practice.

The other major thing I'd like about it is the ability to provide
generic support for things like display widgets based on the
type information.

I just don't like the syntax getting in the way.

John Roth

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