streams (was: Re: Itertools)

Mike Rovner mike at
Wed Jul 30 22:07:11 CEST 2003

Beni Cherniavsky wrote:
> Any feedback welcome.  I'd like to make it as Pythonic as possible.

> An perhaps make it standard.  Particular open questions:

>   - The linked lists are called "streams" by me because they are lazy
>     and that's what such beasts are called in functional languages.

Stream is used differently in Tcl and Unix.
Minded separation Python from functional approach (deprecation of filter,
doubtfulness of implementing tail recursion optimization) probably it is not
inspiring for regular python programmer.

Lazy "streams" are a good thing provided they can be easily used for
organizing data pathes and connections.

>     - `Cons` still requires lisp background but I don't know any name
>       that would be recognizable to non-lispers anyway.  And it's not
>       a bad name.

Construct, Glue, Merge?
Taken readability any whole word is better.

>     - I called the operation for creating new iterator from same place
>       "forking".  Alternative names: `split`, `copy`, `clone`, `dup`,
>       "lookahead", etc.  What's best?

copy is already using construct in python. Why not use it?

>   - Anything else anybody needs?

If I got the intend of Stream correctly, I wish use them as Tcl streams,
so I'd need combining and filtering and i/o.

Just 0.02


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