ANNOUNCE: WordUtils 0.7.0 released

Kenneth Pronovici pronovic at
Tue Jul 22 23:57:36 CEST 2003

Version 0.7.0 of the WordUtils package is now available from:

The WordUtils package provides pure-Python objects related to word
searching and matching. The eventual goal is to develop a suite of
objects that are suitable for building word games in the tradition of
Scrabble (tm).

All of the objects provide similar functionality with a similar
interface, but are implemented in terms of different underlying data
structures. Currently, objects implementing two different data
structures are complete: the Dawg object, which implements a directed
acyclic word graph, and the TernarySearchTree object, which implements a
ternary search tree.

The URL listed above contains further information about the package, as
well as a link to Epydoc source code documentation for the package.

The package requires Python 2.2 or better.  It is distributed in Python
distutils format and as a Debian .deb.  It should be portable to all
Python platforms, but has only been thoroughly tested under Debian
GNU/Linux.  A unit test suite is included.

This is the first public release of the WordUtils package.

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