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On Sat, 05 Jul 2003 08:07:24 -0400, Mark Fenbers <Mark.Fenbers at> wrote:

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>I am investigating Python for the sake of ultimately generating hydrographs
>(such as this:
>on-the-fly from a web server cluster.  I have not used Python previously and do
>not yet know if Python is very useful for this or if I am wasting my time.
>Quite frankly, I am a little bewildered.  Not only is there Python, but there
>are many extention modules which cloud up my view as to what I will need.
>There's Scientific Python, which sounds promising, but there's also SciPy which
>in itself has gnuplot, xplt and plt modules.  I know enough about gnuplot to
>know that it won't meet my needs because I need to be able to shade regions
>above certain values such as done in yellow on the example hydrograph (the link
>above).  It also doesn't have many font options or the ability to place an image
>such as the NOAA logo.
>Can someone kindly guide me as to what I would most likely need to replicate the
>graph shown via the link above?
Have you asked them what they use to generate it? If it's free software, chances are
someone has done a Python interface ( is paid for with taxes AFAIK, so it ought
to be free at least for US citizens, IWT ;-)

If not, it would at least make searching for a clone/workalike easier.

Bengt Richter

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