non-ASCII characters IDLE 1.0 rc1 bugs

Bartolomé Sintes Marco BartolomeSintes at
Sun Jul 20 11:48:33 CEST 2003

I have downloaded and installed Python 2.3 RC1 in a Windows
98 SE computer. IDLE 1.0 does not work very well:
a) When I open with IDLE 1.0 RC1 a program written
with IDLE 0.8, non-ASCII characters (like voyels with accents)
are changed to wrong characters.
b) If a program has non-ASCII characters, save or save as
work when a new file is created, but if I open a file with non-ASCII
characters and I modify it, then I can not save it (neither save it as).

Do you know if these problems will be adressed before 2.3 final
or I have to configure something to solve these problems?


P.S.: I am Spanish, so I use several non-ASCII characters...

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