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>>So ... could we please change that to "much kudos"?
>Nope.  Kudos is a mass noun, but it's a discrete mass noun.  So you need
>to say "many kudos".  This bit of pedantry is brought to you by "much
>kudo about nothing".

kudos, Greek for glory, became an English slang word
of limited currency at a time when Greek was more widely learnt,
and is now, it seems, sometimes mistaken for a plural.
H.W.Fowler, in "A Dictionary of Modern English Usage," 2nd ed., 1965

(Elsewhere it does acknowledge that Edmund Wilson wrote of
American usage in 1963, "Kudos seems now to be well established
as the plural of a word meaning "honourable mention
or prize or something of the sort.")

Bengt Richter

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