Least used builtins?

Sandy Norton sandskyfly at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 6 16:21:11 CEST 2003

[John Roth]
> Reducing the number of builtins doesn't seem like the
> right direction. I'd prefer to see something in the
> official documentation that tries to bring some
> conceptual order to the builtins. While my mind *likes*
> to read down a list of dispariate things and try to bring
> some order out of the mess, I know that others are
> put off by the task.
> <snip>

Although I agree with you that builtins could well benefit from some
improved conceptual grouping within the official documentation, I
think your point that the number of builtins should not be reduced
doesn't seem to coincide with Guido's explicit plans to "reduce
feature duplication" in Python 3.0 [1]

I also second Dr. Mertz's suggestion that some of the existing
builtins should be moved to appropriate modules within the standard
library. This would accomplish at least two things in my mind: it
would keep python minimal and allow additional features/functions to
be added without the risk of namespace pollution.

[1] http://www.europython.org/Talks/Slides/Slides_Guido_python_euro2003.ppt



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