How to do raw Ethernet under Win32?

Grant Edwards grante at
Thu Jul 24 16:35:38 CEST 2003

In article <mailman.1059034598.31317.python-list at>, Gerhard Häring wrote:
> Grant Edwards wrote:
>> In article <mailman.1058996376.9482.python-list at>, Gerhard Häring wrote:
>>>>It looks like I can _almost_ do what I want with the python
>>>>wrapper around the windows pcap lib.
>>>Where's PyLibpCap for Windows available?
>> Here's where I got it from:
>>  ;)
>> I'd take a whack at finishing it, but I don't have a Windows C compiler.
> The guy you got this from used MINGW, the free GNU compiler for Windows 
> to do the original port:

Cool!  Be sure to thank him for the work if you see him.

I've never done any SWIG stuff before, but it looks like all I
have to do is add some stuff to the .i file to export the
pcap_sendpacket() function.

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