Papers on Python

Anton Vredegoor anton at
Tue Jul 29 12:20:50 CEST 2003

rick_hunter357 at (Rick) wrote:

>PS. Before someone starts on how college kids are using the internet
>(or the help available on the 'net) to do the work for them, No I am
>not cheating. The actual assignment is to select 9 papers that you
>find interesting and write a report on each of them. I already have my
>9 papers selected. Now I want to know if I would like to replace some
>from my collection.

Why not take 9 threads in this newsgroup or the Python developers
mailing list and write a report on that? Of course you'd have to
convince your teacher somehow that this is the way things work
nowadays and that the days where a single author wrote a monolithic
paper are gone. 

Knowledge production and decision making are much more interactive and
hands-on than before, and discussions involve a lot more people of
varying degrees of expertise and having a more diverse background.

If it makes any difference: I would love to see some threads reviewed,
especially threads that have had some time to cool down and that can
be viewed from some distance now. Post the result of your assignment
here, you'll get free error checking this way and at the same time you
prove that the system works by interacting with it. Isn't it Pythonic


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