handle <BR> tags

Behrang Dadsetan ben at dadsetan.com
Thu Jul 31 23:54:48 CEST 2003

Luca Calderano wrote:
> Hi guys...
> I've done a subclass of SGMLParser 
> to handle the contents of a web page,
> but i'm not able to handle the <BR> tag
> can someone help me???
>       S.G.A S.p.A.
> Nucleo Sistemi Informativi
>      Luca Calderano
I do not know SGMLParser.. but HTML is not SGML nor any subset. It is 
some ill language which one even rarely finds "pure" (written in the way 
the spec says it MUST be)

I believe SGML does not like none closing tags. BR is one of the many 
none closing tags in HTML (also look at IMG or HR)

Depending on what you are doing you should maybe use XHTML as an input 
if you can (XML well-formed HTML, XML being a subset of SGML) or you 
should probably look for a completely different parser "technology". 
Maybe HTMLParser will help you a little more.

Do not forget, random downloaded HTML from Internet is often broken.
You might rather want to use tidylib (corrects broken HTML code into 
XHTML) and a XHTML/SGML parser or a DOM.

Hope it helps even though the effort I took to check my statements was 
small :)


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