Associating file types to my Python program

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Thu Jul 24 21:45:59 CEST 2003

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> How could I do that? I'm writing an image viewer and I would
> want to associate all images to be opened with my proggie when
> they are double-clicked.

Do  you really want to do that? I'd advise going a bit
slow, and just get an item on the context menu for
starters. Look at HKCR\SystemFileAssociations\Image\Shell
and put your command in there. It will pop up on
the context menu for all file extensions that have
a "PercievedType" of "Image", at least under Windows XP.

Then if you want to make some of them the default,
you can go ahead, but that's actually a bit more
difficult since it has to be done file type by file type;
there's no way of doing it wholesale.

Just remember one thing: learn the registry editor
thoroughly first. Appendix A of the Microsoft
Windows XP Registry Guide can be quite helpful
if you want to hack file associations.

John Roth

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