bug in Tkinter? invalid literal for int() line 1035

Richard Townsend nospam at here.com
Fri Jul 4 19:21:39 CEST 2003

"Fredrik Lundh" <fredrik at pythonware.com> wrote in message
news:mailman.1057326192.22017.python-list at python.org...
> Ton K. wrote:
> > I get subject when binding <Button-1> to a listbox.
> > The value for h is '??' which triggers the error.
> > I'm running Python 2.2.2 from SuSE.
> you're using a version of Tk that's newer than your Tkinter; that "??"
> you're seeing how really recent versions of Tk represent an "undefined
> integer value"...
> this has been fixed in Python 2.3, so you can either upgrade Python
> or link against an older Tk.
> (or modify Tkinter.py slightly, adding try/except clauses around the
> problem spots in Tkinter.py)
> </F>

If you are running SuSE 8.2 there is a fix on
http://www.suse.de/en/private/download/updates/82_i386.html for this

Look for the python-tk 2.2.2 link, dated 18 April 2003.


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