Installing lots of packages

Greg Fortune lists at
Tue Jul 22 22:26:55 CEST 2003

ack, sorry about that.  Knode lied to me when it said the message didn't go
through ;o)


Greg Fortune wrote:

> I've got a whole bunch of package dependencies in the programs I develop.
> Mainly, they are generic libraries/utilities I've written that are needed
> by most of the programs I write.  The biggest problem I've had with
> python's packaging system is that I end up needing to install every
> library
> package on each machine I install my programs on.  It's even worse when I
> go through an upgrade...
> Is there any way to create something like a "meta-package"?  ie, can
> bundle
> a whole bunch of packages together under a single installer?  I'm working
> on both Windows and Mac so the tools need to support both platforms.  Does
> anything exist for this purpose?
> Thanks,
> Greg Fortune
> Fortune Solutions

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