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Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Jul 14 06:09:59 CEST 2003

(Top-posting fixed.   Elaine, please don't top-post.  Thank you.)

Elaine Jackson wrote:
> Gerhard Häring <gh at> wrote in message
> news:mailman.1058024839.27499.python-list at
> | This and many more of your questions to come will be answered by the
> | Python FAQ, btw:
> As comforting as it is to know that there are "several ways of doing this", I'd
> be even happier if I knew the name of just one of those ways. The FAQ searcher
> doesn't seem to understand lengthy explanations and hand-waving.

The best way to use the FAQ is to read or at least skim through
the *whole* thing from top to bottom.  Unwillingness to do so 
indicates you don't value the time of those of us who try to help
others in this newsgroup, and you may encounter some reluctance
from us to help those who won't help themselves.  

Please read the FAQ before posting questions.  That's good advice
for anyone who is new to this group.  It doesn't take long and the
information will go a long way towards helping you understand the
language and community.


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