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> I couldn't pick an asctime()-generated date out of a lineup.  For most
> logging I think it makes sense to use sortable numeric dates (ISO-8601).
> Besides sortability, they are indifferent to language and unambiguous.
> There are many little variations in "human readable" dates, even those
> are so-called standards.  Someone always gets things "wrong".  Quick,
> the format of an RFC-822 date?  Is it the same as an RFC-2822 date?  What
> about RFC-1036?  RFC-850?
> Not that I have any claim to have been complaining loud and clear about
> problem back in 1982 and 1983 when these RFC were written (or earlier,
> the systems they codified were first developed), but I don't think there's
> any use in further propagating arcane date formats.

Amen, brother!

John Roth
> Skip

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