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Fri Jul 25 20:11:28 CEST 2003

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> Is there currently any plan to introduce static typing in any future
> version of Python?  (I'm not entirely sure that "static typing" is
the right
> term: what I'm talking about is the declaration of types for
> parameters and function return values).
> I know there was a "types SIG" which introduced several proposals,
but it
> expired quite a while ago, and I was wondering whether whether some
> consensus has been reached on the subject or if it has just been
> indefinitely.

AFAIK, There is no consensus and no concrete plans for Python itself.
However, there are various third party efforts.  Pyrex is, in part,
Python + type declarations for C compilation.  Weave implicitly types
vars as ints or floats. Psyco make declaration unnecessary.

Terry J. Reedy

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