trying to connect to Amazon web services

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Sat Jul 5 18:10:32 CEST 2003

I think I'm going to use their XML method, and just use python to parse the
resulting xml download into a csv file, much better.
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> Hey Py fans,
>  I have two basic motivations that I'm going for.
> One, to learn Python.
> Another, to download the list of 92 books I have added to my Amazon
> up to now, so that I could write a clean csv file of these books to my
> drive.
> I downloaded the pyAmazon web services package,  and read the code
> however ( and you probably don't even have to know about pyAmazon to be
> to offer a suggestion ) I'm not sure how to connect to the Internet.
> My script is so far, this:
> -------------------
> import amazon
> amazon.setLicense('< i put my number here  >')
> mywishlist = amazon.searchByWishlist(' < i put my number here  >');
> ------------
> .. I'm going to figure out how to get the book info from the 'mywishlist'
> object later, but if I run this script like this, this doesn't connect to
> the Internet or to Amazon.
> How would I do that, I'm wondering?
> Thanks

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