Bob Gailer bgailer at alum.rpi.edu
Fri Jul 4 02:57:01 CEST 2003

When I worked at IBM I came across a great mainframe utility called 
Pipeline. It was driven by a specification that described data sources, 
various stages thru which the data was to be sent, various pipes  that 
connected the stages, and various destinations for the data. The 
specification was not procedural. Each line of input was treated as a unit 
of data.

Stages did things like replace, filter, sort, rearrange, conditional route 
to different pipes, split line, merge lines, translate, ....

I keep looking for something like this to arise for the PC. Have you seen 
anything like this? If not I'm inclined to write one, and Python seems a 
likely candidate for implementing such a program.

Bob Gailer
bgailer at alum.rpi.edu
303 442 2625
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