Downloading Python files

Adam adam6No_Spam_Please at
Sat Jul 26 00:20:55 CEST 2003

Luke StClair wrote:

> Only marginally belonging in this newsgroup... but oh well.
> I've just started writing in python, and I want to make the files
> available on the web.  So I did the standard <a
> href="mypath/"> and not surprisingly, it displays like a
> webpage, but just the code.  If I gzip it, and then link to the new
> file, it will download, but its so small I don't want it zipped.  
> How can I make this into a downloadable
> file SIMPLY?  The other thread seems a bit complicated...
> Thanks
In order to assure that the file is downloaded and not displayed, you 
need a certain amount of control either at the client agent or the server:

1. Server: you need to be able to send the client a header which is 
intended for download rather than display (content-type not set to 
2. Client: you need to be able to tell the client agent to download the 
data and save it as file on the disk ("Save targer as...") rather than 
display it.


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