[ANN] SciPy 03 Workshop - Scientific Computing with Python

Travis N. Vaught travis at enthought.com
Sun Jul 27 00:15:17 CEST 2003

SciPy '03 Workshop

The SciPy '03 Workshop on Scientific Computing with Python is being held
at Cal Tech again this year.  Online registration is now available.
After last year's success, we expect another great turnout with
compelling presentations/tutorials.

It is a two day workshop held September 11-12 in Pasadena, CA.

More information may be found at:

Online registration is available at: https://www.enthought.com/scipy03 

Please register early.  Last minute registrants will have to suffer the
indignity of a handwritten name tag.

It currently looks like breakfast (bagels, etc.), lunch and supper will
be provided Thursday, and breakfast and lunch will be provided Friday.

Discussion about the workshop may be directed to the SciPy-user mailing
list (http://www.scipy.org/site_content/MailList) to which you may post
messages at scipy-user at scipy.org.


If you would like to present at the workshop, there are two formats:

- Lightning Talks:
Short (5-15 minute) presentations of a particular scientific problem
solved with Python.

- Presentations:
Traditional presentation format ~45 minute talks.

If you would like to present, contact Eric Jones at eric at enthought.com. 

For any other questions, please feel free to call or email Travis
Vaught: travis at enthought.com, (512)536-1057.  You can call the same
number to register via phone (Business Hours CST).


SciPy.org community site:

Workshop Home:

Summary of last year's workshop:

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