Casting stones (was Re: Debugging Python ?)

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Tue Jul 29 18:00:38 CEST 2003

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Alan Kennedy  <alanmk at> wrote:
>Aahz wrote:
>> Top-posting is more annoying IMO.
>However, there is a down side: it makes it impossible to get
>meaningful summaries of a posters posting history on Google Groups.

To the extent that's an issue (and I don't necessarily agree that it is
an issue), I consider that Google's fault for not writing software that
accounts for quoting.  If/when they fix their software, that solves the
issue from your perspective; in the meantime, we get easier-to-read
threads in realtime.
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This is Python.  We don't care much about theory, except where it intersects 
with useful practice.  --Aahz

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