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Ben Finney wrote:

> This doesn't match Bryan's nested structure above, which you blessed
> as
> not "overkill" (in his words).  It was this that I considered a
> poorly-scaling structure, or "overkill" since only one 'try' block is
> required.  Do you disagree?

It uses try/finally to secure the closing of many files in a timely
manner.  In that sense, it certainly fits the pattern.  It doesn't have
the same nested pattern, but try/finally isn't at issue here.  If you
had code which opened 50 files and looked like:

	fileOne = file(...)
	fileTwo = file(...)
	fileThree = file(...)
	fileFortyNine = file(...)
	fileFifty = file(...)

I would say you are doing something wrong.  A more systematic handling
of many, many files is indicated whether or not you're using the
try/finally idiom to ensure files get closed in a timely manner.

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