Simon Bayling sfb at
Thu Jul 10 22:04:27 CEST 2003

whatsupg21 at (Michael) wrote in 
news:e5fb8973.0307100938.13fcea56 at

> I have been assigned a project to parse a webpage for data using
> Python. I have finished only basic tutorials. Any suggestions as to
> where I should go from here? Thanks in advance.

Parsing? What are you looking for?
Do you have to download the page as well?

If it's a fairly simple thing to find, you could use something like;

>>> import urllib
>>> source = urllib.urlopen("").readlines()
>>> for line in source:
>>>     if line.find("logo.gif") > -1:
>>>         print "Found google logo"

If the data to find is more complicated, or you need to parse the HTML as 
well, you should look at more string methods, maybe regular expressions 
(import re)...


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