Any views on YAML?

valued customer scooterm at
Wed Jul 2 04:06:33 CEST 2003

Views On YAML:
       - YAML is much better than XML if 'human readability' is truly
a top priority for your particular application.
       - YAML can pass the 'grandma' test (so simple, your grandmother
can understand it without having to know 'techie' stuff).
       - I use YAML for persisting metadata of all sorts. It is easy
to generate template-based transformations of YAML (just like one
would do with XML plus [*YUK*] XSLT). For this category, I use YAML
plus TemplateToolkit.
       - It is not as popular as XML and therefore may be unfairly
disregarded or shunned by those who require buzzword compliance.
       - It is relatively new and has some of the standard newness
annoyances (no built-in support in development tools, inconsistencies
and quirks, sparse interest).

cartermark46 at (Mark Carter) wrote in message news:<d3c9c04.0306030600.7b1c82cf at>...
> Does anyone have any particular views on YAML, esp. wrt XML? 
> I've been storing information in CSV format - but lately I've been
> thinking that it might be nice to "beef it up a bit". So as well as
> storing the data itself, I might want to store the field descriptions,
> formatting style, and some other stuff. So  a file would be processed
> along the lines of:
> repeat until eof:
>     read-chunk-header
>     read-chunk-data #dependent on the header you find
> ... a la IFF (Interleaved File Format); for those who can cast their
> mind back to Amigas.

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