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John Taylor john_taylor_1973 at
Mon Jul 7 03:37:53 CEST 2003


You could always write a Java applet.  If the applet used something
like a progress bar, the server-side program could notify the applet
when to increase the progress bar percentage.  Another way to do it,
would be for the applet to poll the server every few seconds by having
it make a http connection to a 'quick-running' cgi that would tell the
applet the status.  Based on this result, the progress bar would (or
would not) be updated.

You may also be able to write the applet in Jython, too.

Good luck...let everyone know how you decide to implement your
John Taylor

"John Bradbury" <john_bradbury at> wrote in message news:<bea2qv$jiv$1 at>...
> I have used the Netscape examples and can not get them work.  I am using
> Windows and have tried Omnicron and XITAMI servers.  What is frustraing me
> is that I can achieve the desired result in Delphi by simply using :
> response.sendresponse;
> request.writestring('progress line');
> I was hoping to find similar functionality in Python.
> John
> "Irmen de Jong" <irmen at> wrote in message
> news:3f05b7ab$0$49103$e4fe514c at
> > John Bradbury wrote:
> > > I want to send updates from a long running cgi.  I have tried copying
>  perl
> > > examples of server push and can not get them to work.
> > > Does anyone have an idiot proof example of a working server push or
>  sending
> > > output in chunks in Python?
> >
> > Check out:
> >
> > There are basically two ways to do this. Either use the
> > above mentioned "multipart response", which only seems to work on
> > certain browsers (confirmed on netscape and mozilla, IE doesn't seem
> > to work). The other method is just flushing your output and
> > continue to write more data... but this won't allow you to
> > 'clear the page' in the client's browser (multipart repsonses will).
> >
> > --Irmen
> >

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