Red Hat 9, Python and Glade - a mixure not working?

David M. Cook davecook at
Sun Jul 6 20:13:07 CEST 2003

In article <c7427279.0307060306.1345e06 at>, Hans Deragon wrote:

> Thanks for the tips.  But the problem still persist.  Now I run the
> following:

Do you have gnome widgets in your xml file?  You'll need to import gnome.ui
and do a gnome.init().

See the pygtk FAQ:

You might also try putting the line

import pygtk; pygtk.require('2.0')

at the top of your file.  Also try running with python -v so you can see
what modules are being loaded.

> So the problem is not my code.  I must assume that the glade module
> for gnome is not adapted for taking in Glade 2 xml?

In fact, libglade2 *only* works with glade 2 files.  glade 1 files have to
be converted first.  

> Different errors, same results.  Nothing works.  However the
> xml file provided as an example works fine.  I believe that
> there is some widget in my glade2 xml file that is simply not
> supported by python.  I will investigate further the issue later.

I've never encountered this problem with my own glade 2 files.  However, I
don't have a "pristine" RH 9 installation to play with right now.

I suggest taking this problem to the pygtk mailing list.  If it's not
quickly fixable then it needs to be fixed somewhere up the line.

Dave Cook

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